Progress on safe treatment and use of wastewater: piloting the monitoring methodology and initial findings for SDG indicator 6.3.1

This report tracks progress towards the various targets set out in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation – using the SDG global indicators.
Journal article

Ecology and performance of aerobic granular sludge treating high-saline municipal wastewater

In this study, the impacts of high-saline sewage on AGS development, performance and ecology were investigated using molecular microbiology methods.

Integrated multi-functional urban water systems: key findings from project C4.1

The traditional use of water in our cities severely distorts the natural water cycle, consuming potable water for purposes such as toilet flushing and irrigation, whilst discharging excessive volumes of stormwater runoff and wastewater. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) offers a new approach to urban...
Case study

Orange stormwater to potable: Building urban water supply diversity

Case study of a stormwater project in Orange, NSW. Storm water is routed to an existing facility which filters to create potable water. The report covers drivers, costs, innovations, outcomes and learnings.
Conference paper

The water services conundrum

This paper builds on recent research into domestic water consumption in Sydney to argue that the issue is not one of shortage of water, as it is popularly presented, but is more related to the choices made in that city about the way sanitary services...