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Adaptive reuse


Journal article

Building design and construction strategies for a circular economy

Through a systematic literature review, this study assesses which design and construction strategies are being linked to the concept of CE for new buildings, and their level of application and readiness in a building context.
Journal article

Reuse of construction materials after demolition of buildings

The purpose of this research work is an evaluation of the growth the volume of reuse building scrap in Voronezh region. The main task is elimination obstacles of the growth potential of using this dismantle technology with following construction low-rise houses made from reused materials.
Conference paper

Adaptive reuse and repurposing of industrial buildings to residential dwellings in Auckland City

The conversion of former industrial buildings and identifying heritage as a commodity has become a pervasive trend, especially over the last decade. Adaptive re-use of old industrial buildings is often seen as an alternative to demolition and replacement and as the primary development solution for...
Conference paper

Understanding adaptive reuse diversity: heritage, brownfield sites and obsolete buildings

This discussion paper adopts a critical view of Adaptive Resuse (AR) of vacant buildings. It contributes to an understanding of AR in a policy context in SA and highlights recent policy developments in light of regulatory barriers cited as inhibitors of AR.

Imagination foregone: a qualitative study of the reuse practices of Australian creators

This study looks at how a sample of Australian creators understand, use and manage copyright law when they want to incorporate copyrighted material into their work. It focuses particularly on creators’ licensing practices and their employment of copyright exceptions (fair dealing).