Civic leadership


Briefing paper

Four leverage points to improve how Australia makes its future

This is a snapshot of the first Next25 Recoded report that explores and synthesises 50 deeply reflective, one-on-one interviews with established and emerging leaders from a diverse cross-section of the future-making system.
Discussion paper

The Public Square project

In recent times, online platforms like Facebook have usurped core aspects of what we expect from a public square. This discussion paper aims to initiate a focused discussion around the type of digital infrastructure we want to power our public square.

Civil society after COVID: on re-building a virtuous civic culture

Australia faces an unprecedented economic and social challenge. In addition to economic recovery, the equally crucial work of civic repair is required as part of the social transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic. This paper argues that a strong civic culture will be integral to...

Engaged communities: How community-led development can increase civic participation

Informed and engaged communities are central to a healthy democratic society. Engaged communities have high levels of community knowledge, cultural vibrancy, and civic participation. This report focuses on how local government can support different types of community.
Conference paper

Motivations and constraints of smart work in the public sector: evidence from the Australian Capital Territory government

This study investigates attitudes towards smart work arrangements and examines the motivations and constraints in the public sector. It is based on a survey that received 300 responses across Departments in the Australian Capital Territory Government. The study indicated a high demand for smart work...
Conference paper

Civic leadership in transport planning in Auckland

Transport planning in Auckland provides limited opportunities for genuine public involvement in defining transport problems and their solutions. In recent years, this scenario has changed due to the emergence of proactive community groups in transport planning debate in Auckland. The purpose of this paper is...
Conference paper

Auckland’s urban sprawl, planning frameworks and peri-urbanisation to Pukekohe

Although urban sprawl has been largely discussed, the range of determinants for the incorporation of rural lands remain less systematised and mainly framed by transport improvements, housing shortage and land-market constraints. Because of that, measures to tackle impacts of sprawl are lacking considering determinants operate...

World youth report 2015: youth civic engagement

This report explores young people's participation in economic, political and community life around the world.

Issues in local representation: a view from Victoria

This report on the outcomes of interviews with councillors and senior local government staff of their experience of local representation follows a review of the legal frameworks governing local democratic governance. ACELG has undertaken this work with the Victorian Local Governance Association which has a...