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Light rail



Commonwealth approvals for ACT light rail

The Light Rail Stage 2 project passes through and adjacent to a number of key cultural and heritage sites and, like all projects and proposals in these areas, must be consistent with the legal requirements imposed by the National Capital Plan. The committee is concerned...
Conference paper

Gold Coast light rail performance-based public private partnerships: an effective delivery model?

Light rail as a means for inner-city transit is undergoing a renaissance across Australia. Introducing a new mode of public transport, light rail projects can become catalytic agents for urban renewal. Unable or reluctant to deliver light rail infrastructure, Australian governments have turned to the...
Conference paper

Passing the community test- a co-benefits approach to evaluating the case for light rail in Canberra, Australia

This paper reports on the development of conceptual framework to identify the potential impact of LRT on the Canberra community using a co-benefits approach.
Conference paper

Connecting transit with urban development to achieve 21st century goals for Perth

This paper imagines a Transit Oriented Region. It will imagine the region from the micro, the scale of Placemaking, to the macro of overall city structure. This paper attempts to calculate the costs and benefits a proposed expansion of the commuter rail for the Perth...