Planned communities

Masterplanned estates
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Landscape loopholes: moments for change

Social-ecological systems are breaking down at local, regional, and global scales, and sustainability seems an increasingly distant aspiration. Social harmony and economic systems are connected to ecological systems and climate, in multiple complex ways, at many scales.
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Paradise planned: socio-economic differentiation and the master planned community on Sydney’s urban fringe

Since the mid 1980s the character of residential development on Sydney’s urban fringe has become increasingly socially and economically differentiated from older more established outer ring suburbs.
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Aspirations of residents from culturally diverse backgrounds moving to MPEs in newly emerging suburbs

New residential land in the outer suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne is predominantly being developed in the form of Masterplanned Estates. These areas are becoming culturally diverse with a significant proportion of recently arrived migrants settling there. This paper investigates the aspirations of the residents of...
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Exclusive suburban 'villages': master planned estate development and socio-spatial polarisation in Western Sydney

The research presented here analysed the constructions of exclusivity for a master planned estate (Glenmore Park) and the extent to which the constructed identity for Glenmore Park resulted in socio-spatial polarisation within western Sydney.
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Situating master-planned estates

This paper critically engages with these understandings of master-planned estates (MPEs) in the Australian context.
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Growing old on the suburban fringe: master planned communities and planning for diversity

Discussing the needs and expectations of older residents for supportive community of place, in contrast to the needs and motivations of the property developer in ‘creating community’, this paper investigates the situation of older people who have moved to the post-traditional successor to the Australian...
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Lakeside living: commodifying community in a master planned estate

This paper considers the implications of developers wishing to foster the formation of community and presents the proposition that one aspect of this involves the 'commodification of community'.
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Sustainable Australia: containing travel in master planned estates

The following study examines the patterns and dynamics of movement in a selection of master planned estates in Australia.
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Community in private residential estates

In relation to the development of private residential estates (often termed ‘gated communities’) in metropolitan regions across Australia, community is seen to be a marketing device and anything but real. However this paper discusses a new version of urban community that pervades private residential estates.
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Master planned communities and governance

The objectives of this paper are to review governance frameworks and challenges for master planned communities at three critical stages of development: the visioning and planning stage, the implementation stage, and the completion stage.