Settler colonialism


On Taungurung Land: sharing history and culture

This publication is the first monograph to examine how the Taungurung Nation of central Victoria negotiated with protectors and pastoralists to retain possession of their own country for as long as possible. The book shares generational knowledge, in order to revitalise relationships to place and...

Labour lines and Colonial power: Indigenous and Pacific Islander labour mobility in Australia

This book argues that both Pacific Islanders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands peoples made purposeful migrations to find work, reflective of rich cultures and histories of mobility.
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The emergence of mapping, planning in England and the early English colonies

In the English-speaking world, the emergence of modern post-medieval mapping coincided with the emergence of modern land markets. Maps were found, very quickly, to be a useful tool in defining the extent of land and thus in adjudicating land disputes between owners. They soon became...
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Hidden landscapes: Aboriginal landscapes in contemporary planning and design activities in Melbourne

Throughout the colonial settlement of Australia, Aboriginal people were subject to processes of colonial dispossession that have had a profound effect on their communities, language and culture, and in many places their over-arching tangible and intangible Country.
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Indigenous history of the Pilbara

An account of the Aboriginal history of the Pilbara.
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Still settling cities: sustainability, governance and change

For many people, Australia was ‘settled’ soon after European occupation, through the actions of hardy, resourceful and sometime foolhardy ‘settlers’.