Aboriginal heritage


Reimagining Indigenous housing, health and wealth

This report sets the context for a strengths-based ecological and culturally-founded approach to Indigenous housing, health and wealth.

Return of Cultural Heritage project 2018-2020

This document summarises the findings of the Return of Cultural Heritage (RoCH) project led by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). It is supported by a series of community case study reports which provide further detail on the community partnerships...

‘I spoke about Dreamtime, I ticked a box’: teachers say they lack confidence to teach Indigenous perspectives

Many teachers don’t feel confident or capable to include Indigenous perspectives in their classrooms. However, curriculums are needing Indigenous perspectives beyond tokenistic inclusion.

Review of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975: consultation feedback report

This report summarises the comments, suggestions and ideas outlined in the public submissions received. Some of the suggestions and responses contained in this report were made and/or supported by multiple submissions, others were made in a single submission.
Conference paper

Hidden landscapes: Aboriginal landscapes in contemporary planning and design activities in Melbourne

Throughout the colonial settlement of Australia, Aboriginal people were subject to processes of colonial dispossession that have had a profound effect on their communities, language and culture, and in many places their over-arching tangible and intangible Country.
Conference paper

What the stones tell us?

This paper considers the interconnection of Aboriginal stone sites in the Wadawurrung Country, as to their landscape relationships and land use planning contexts. With colonial pastoralism and land exploitation by European, and more recently suburbanisation encroachment, a large portion of the pre-colonial tangible landscape has...