Informal greenspace

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Investigating residents' use and perceptions of informal greenspaces: a study of Stony Creek in Melbourne's west

As the world’s population is becoming more urbanised, there is growing recognition of greenspaces as a promising planning tool in tackling problems associated with urbanisation. An increasing body of research highlights the physiological, environmental and social benefits of urban greenspaces for urbanites. So far, however...

Measuring urban green space in Australia (MUGS)

This project aimed to foster best-practice in urban green space planning by combining the scientific state of the art with the needs expressed by potential Australian end users. It sketches a ‘blueprint’ for a nationally consistent urban green space (UGS) decision-support framework.
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Public greenspaces and crime: an analysis of crime timing and public greenspace amenities

Public greenspace is a common feature in urban environments that can provide and promote social and physical well-being, yet they can also encourage deviant or criminal behaviour. This study empirically constructs a typology of greenspace types from spatially integrated local council assets registers, crime incident...
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The yard goes on forever: Community initiatives in maintaining and revitalizing local open space

Open space has long been a valued amenity in metropolitan settings for the multiple dividends delivered: active recreation, passive leisure, conservation, scenery, community gardens, environmental management. This paper reviews efforts to better utilize and manage a particular type of neighbourhood greenspace.
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Generation after generation: why and how we value open space

This paper presents a theoretical understanding of value and attachment to urban open space and further unpacks this understanding based on a contemporary Australian context using recent practical research completed in western Sydney.
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Policy challenges for metropolitan Greenspace in Sydney

The aim of this paper is to identify and discuss some of the main strategic and policy challenges for planning metropolitan greenspace in Sydney