Health informatics


Benefits realisation: sharing insights

The purpose of this white paper is to offer countries an agreed set of ‘standard’ benefits categories and potential outcome measures to support the international comparison of evidence relating to digital health technologies and services.

Maternity record standard: final report

This aim of this report is to improve care experienced by pregnant women and their babies by developing standards for a digital maternity record to allow clinical information to be recorded, exchanged and accessed consistently across care settings.
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Toward comprehensive patient-centric care by integrating digital health technology with direct clinical contact in Australia

This study aims to reconceptialize the provision of health care to produce better outcomes at no greater cost, by placing individuals in the position of authority to direct their own care, in a personalized, integrated health care system.

A vision for Medical Affairs in 2025

Medical Affairs—a third strategic pillar for the pharmaceutical enterprise
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From principles to practice: benchmarking government guidance on health apps

Patient-facing mobile health applications hold the promise to change the way individuals take responsibility for their own health by enabling more effective delivery of health information, allowing better monitoring of symptoms, and encouraging healthier lifestyles. But how can we monitor the inaccurate information provided by...
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The e-health literacy demands of Australia’s My Health Record: a heuristic evaluation of usability

The objective of this paper is to identify potential e-health literacy–related usability issues within My Health Record through a heuristic evaluation method.

DiMe: calling all who serve in digital medicine

From regulators to white-hat hackers, ethicists to engineers, and clinicians to citizen scientists, the recently launched Digital Health Society (DiMe) invites participation from all sectors to ensure that digital medicine realizes its full potential to improve human health.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

This report explores the clinical impact of AI for doctors and patients in the UK in the near future. It is not an exhaustive analysis of the potential of AI or the implications for clinical care, but a snapshot of 12 areas that will be...

Your health data was once between you and your doctor. But for how long?

Medical data has long been available for uses beyond immediate treatment, but its value and issues of ownership are being re-examined in an age of intelligent machines.