Client centred

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Working in partnership
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Legal help as mental healthcare

This paper looks at how health justice partnership uses legal help to improve client outcomes, offering one avenue for more holistic responses to compounding issues around mental ill-health that may otherwise continue to escalate.
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Toward comprehensive patient-centric care by integrating digital health technology with direct clinical contact in Australia

This study aims to reconceptialize the provision of health care to produce better outcomes at no greater cost, by placing individuals in the position of authority to direct their own care, in a personalized, integrated health care system.

Health at a glance: Europe 2018

The Health at a Glance: Europe report series gauges progress towards effective, accessible and resilient health systems across the EU. The report which is published every two years attempts to provide a neutral, descriptive comparison of all EU countries on the basis of publically available...

Impact of digital health on the safety and quality of health care

This report by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (University of Sydney) explores the effects of five digital health interventions on patient safety and quality of care.

Harnessing the power of client experience: the collection and use of client feedback in the social sector

The report provides a framework for an effective client feedback system, as well as practical advice on how to start using one. It also shares benchmarking results for the disability sector specifically, including insights into the sector’s current use of client feedback and areas for...
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Are you really focused on your clients?

Prompts to help you reflect on how well you know your clients and what they need, drawing upon the SVA Fundamentals for Impact.
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Increasing productivity and profitability of Indonesian smallholder plantations: final report

By world standards, Indonesia has a very large installed pulp and paper processing capacity, and further plans for expansion. The value to Indonesia is more than US$4.2B per year. There is a rapid transition in the industry away from natural forest as the main feedstock...

Working in partnership and emergent literacy

As a child and family health nurse, ‘working in partnership’, ‘strengths-based working’ and ‘family-centred’ approaches are likely to be familiar in your practice. These approaches have been both popular and accepted in healthcare for many years, and have well-recognised benefits for health and children’s developmental...

Improving child and family health services for families most in need and building positive relationships with families

While most families of young children are well supported socially and make good use of services, some do not. Children from families that have poor social supports and that make limited or no use of early child and family services are at increased risk of...