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Davos Lab: youth recovery plan

What enduring changes do young people between the ages of 20 and 30 foresee after the COVID-19 pandemic, and what would Millennials and Generation Z do differently if they were in charge? This report is based on 344 dialogues held in 146 cities and on...
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Residual composite materials with applications in the industry of the construction

Ecological awareness as an ethical obligation is conceived. A product, a prototype or a process must culminate efficiently when incorporated into a production chain; its life cycle will depend, therefore; of its use, reuse and recycling. The 3D design of the potential application of banana...
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Consultation on International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy: discussion paper

This discussion paper has been released to seek views on a proposal to implement a levy on international visitors travelling to New Zealand to fund tourism infrastructure and conservation.

Scoping the ecological footprints and handprints of QUT Kelvin Grove Campus and Village: collective student project

This report presents the students’ combined contributions to a sustainability scoping review and recommended audit tools for Queensland University of Technology and associated businesses at Kelvin Grove Campus and Village located 6 kilometres north of the Central Business District of Brisbane, Queensland.
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Landscape loopholes: moments for change

Social-ecological systems are breaking down at local, regional, and global scales, and sustainability seems an increasingly distant aspiration. Social harmony and economic systems are connected to ecological systems and climate, in multiple complex ways, at many scales.

Ecological Building Systems Masterclass

Prof Owen Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Architectural Science, UCD Dublin, and chair of the Irish Green Building Council. Prof Lewis discuss the benefits of building energy efficiency
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"Can we meaningfully ""operationalise"" the ecological footprint calculation at the organisational level?"

This presentation aims to trace the approach taken in delivering the Ecological Footprint project across 3 very different local government organisations and their communities, some of the details and results of the various projects carried out, and the learning which may be of use to...
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From ecological footprint to ecological-fingerprint - the efforts of Randwick City Council to measure and minimise the ecological impacts of consumption and over-use of natural resources

Ecological Footprint analysis is gaining in reputation and credibility in its capacity to usefully inform governments, organisations and communities on the excesses of our society’s resource consumption and our population’s increasing pressure on diminishing natural resources.
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Ecological footprint as an assessment tool for urban development

This paper considers an Ecological Footprint analysis of Aurora, a new residential estate in Melbourne’s north. The estate is being developed by VicUrban, with the expressed aim of creating a new benchmark in sustainable urban development.
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Models of ownership and development for enhancing housing affordability and sustainability in Australian cities

Assessing models for affordability and sustainability in housing developments, this paper draws on ecological and permacultural theory as transcribed into urban spaces, often referred to ecocity theory and practice, in which cities and therefore housing, are seen as an integral part of ecosystems, with design...