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Conference paper

Electronic cities: music, policies and space in the 21st Century

This paper discusses an edited collection on city policies targeting ‘creativity’ and offers additional insights on cultural and creative policies, planning interventions and regulations associated with nightlife management. It provides a detailed analysis of current challenges inherent to the governance of Electronic Dance Music scenes...

Greater creative Bendigo

Greater Creative Bendigo embraces cultural and creative industries as fundamental to our city’s liveability and to our future.

Public investment, public gain: how public investment in the arts generates economic value across the creative industries and beyond

This report outlines how public investment into the UK’s arts and culture unlocks social, reputational and economic value throughout the creative industries and beyond.

Growing the UK's creative industries: what creative enterprises need to thrive and grow

The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK economy. This report aims to get to the heart of the issue: what do creative enterprises understand by growth, how fast are they growing, and what prevents them from growing more?

Code for smart communities

The Code for Smart Communities was created to help guide urban development practices in Australia and New Zealand by embracing technology, data and intelligent design as a catalyst for positive change.

City of Melbourne creative strategy: 2018-2028

This new, creative strategy takes a 10-year view on how the City of Melbourne can integrate creativity into everything we do – not as an add-on, but planned from the start of a project, development or activity.

City of Melbourne creative strategy: draft

Melbourne is a highly creative city that recognises the role creativity plays in expressing our identity, creating a sense of belonging and transforming our economy. The expiry of the city's Arts Strategy 2014–17 provides a fresh opportunity to take a new look at creativity, bearing...

Planning cultural creation and production in Sydney

This research was commissioned to assist the City of Sydney in developing an up-to-date, wide-ranging understanding of its future needs for creative space, especially with regard to cultural creation and production.
Discussion paper

An open and creative city: planning for culture and the night time economy

The City of Sydney has released this discussion paper, which proposes a long-term vision and details strategies for Sydney’s night time economy and cultural life.
Conference paper

Urban dimensions of creative clustering: mix/adaptation/networks/ambivalence

Why do creative clusters emerge within some specific urban morphologies and not others? This paper is based on a series of in-depth interviews with cultural producers in a range of fields including included design, new media, visual and performing arts, working in key creative clusters...

Creative boom: a report into four sectors of strength and opportunity in the arts

The Arts Industry Council of SA (AICSA) commissioned this report to explore how South Australia’s strengths in the arts and cultural industries could further support the state’s economic agenda.
Policy report

Yokohama City’s policy regarding culture, art and creative city measures

"Since 2004, the city of Yokohama, has become one of the frontier creative cities in Asia by launching its creative city policy known as Creative City Yokohama. Yokohama’s creative city policy – unlike its western counterparts – has been positively evaluated for its aim not...

City art: public art strategy

Cultural vitality and creativity is strengthened by investment in cultural assets and activities. The City Art Public Art Strategy has been developed as a key action of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Plan (action 7.4.1). This strategy will guide the City’s public art program and significantly...
Conference paper

Creative ex-pats: globalisation and creative communities

Given the globalised nature of creative industries and the emergence of new technologies, this study asks whether migration loss could be turned into cultural gain.
Conference paper

The consequences of the creative class: the pursuit of creativity strategies in Australia's cities

The paper frames the potential benefits and pitfalls of incorporating creative cities ideas into urban governance structures and their reception by community and NGO groups, both in terms of the incorporation of these ideas into policy and practice, and in terms of their unintended social...