Alcohol-related crime

Alcoholism and crime


The effectiveness of alcohol interlocks in reducing repeat drink driving and improving road safety

This study evaluated the impact of the first phase of the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP), introduced in NSW in February 2015, on repeat drink-driving, driving while disqualified, traffic infringements and crash outcomes.

Fighting, alcohol and offending: interventions targeting Aboriginal girls: final report

The Fighting, Alcohol and Offending: Interventions Targeting Aboriginal Girls (YAWG) report, focuses on the experiences around alcohol, fighting and drinking of Aboriginal girls and young women residing in metropolitan Perth.

The relationship between alcohol outlets and harm

This research examines the relationship between alcohol outlets and social harm. The analysis uses a longitudinal panel data set for the period 2007-2014 covering all of New Zealand.

Towards national measures of alcohol-related crime

Research has demonstrated that alcohol misuse has a significant impact on police time and resources, the health sector and the Australian community more broadly. Despite growing interest in the topic and the number of studies that have been completed, there remain significant limitations to the...

Enquiry into the provision of alcohol and drug rehabilitation services following contact with the criminal justice system

This report confirms that access to rehabilitation services remains the dominant concern for prisoners and former prisoners struggling with addiction.
Discussion paper

Responding to the problem of recidivist drink drivers: issues paper

This issues paper considers a new approach to the problem of repeat drink driving through the introduction of a specialist, problem-solving court.
Briefing paper

Family violence, alcohol consumption and the likelihood of criminal offences

Alcohol is involved in a substantial number of family violence incidents recorded by police. However, there is a paucity of Australian research on the relative contribution of alcohol use by perpetrators and/or victims to whether or not the incident results in the perpetrator being arrested...

​Reporting rates of assaults at The Star casino by licensed premises staff

Abstract Aim: To determine whether there has been any change in the rate of reporting of assaults at The Star casino by staff before and after the lockout reforms were introduced in February 2014. This paper also briefly examines the characteristics of both offenders and...
Briefing paper

Alcohol, gender and violence in Bougainville

This In Brief reports on research undertaken in Bougainville in October 2015 (Eves and Crawford 2014). Unlike previous studies, this research specifically explored the relationship between women’s economic empowerment and violence against women through in-depth qualitative interviews. Interviewees included business women in the urban context...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do world class cities lack lockout laws?

Campaigners say Sydney is out of step with comparable international cities, which they claim do not have lockout laws.

Smart start - preloading and a safe night out: Mackay preloading

This paper aims to report the occurrence of preloading within a Mackay sample; collected in early February of 2015. The report is based on a sub-study of ‘Smart Start - A Preloading Project’ which ran predominantly in the Brisbane CBD between August, 2014 to late...

That’s entertainment: trends in late-night assaults and acute alcohol illness in Sydney's entertainment precinct

Summary: This report uses various data sources to show the incidence of night-time alcohol-related violence and other alcohol harm in the Sydney CBD in the ten years prior to the 2014 lockout intervention. Between 2004 and 2013 police crime statistics and triple zero (000) calls...

Establishing the connection [between alcohol and other drug use and sexual victimisation]: state of knowledge paper

Explores the prevalence of sexual violence and alcohol and other drug use (AOD) in Australia. Summary This state of knowledge paper explores: the prevalence of sexual violence and alcohol and other drug use (AOD) in Australia; the association between alcohol and other drug use and...

QCAA 2015 Queensland election platform

Introduction Alcohol is more affordable, more available and more heavily promoted than ever before. It is available around the clock, seven days a week, is promoted relentlessly and is as cheap as 35 cents per standard drink. This is concerning because the sale, promotion and...

Not one more: NAAPA 2015 NSW election platform

Through NAAPA, emergency workers, health professionals, community members, community sector workers, researchers and advocates have come together to present a comprehensive plan that addresses alcohol harms. The plan is outlined under five key priority areas: Protecting children and families Putting communities first Reducing disability and...

The state of play: alcohol in Victoria

This report aims to provide a summary of the current environment in which alcohol is made available and sold in Victoria and to quantify the extent of alcohol harms and trends in harms over time.
Technical report

Alcohol-related crime: finding a suitable measure for community-level analyses using routinely collected data

This study provides a method for developing and testing the reliability of estimates of population measures for alcohol-related crime.