Fuel security

Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does Australia have 3 weeks of petrol in reserve?

In the wake of US airstrikes on Syria, Liberal Senator Jim Molan raised concerns about Australian fuel supplies being affected by conflict in the Middle East, claiming Australia ony has between 19 to 24 days worth of petrol in reserve.

Running on empty?

This report describes how Australia's fuel security situation is so fraught, and the national reserve so small, that during major military exercises and actual operations, such as the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, fuel stocks have reached critically low levels.

Liquid fuel security: a quick guide – May 2020 update

This quick guide is designed to answer some of the common questions regarding liquid fuel security in Australia. It also contains a list of key resources to provide context and assist understanding of this long-running issue.
Discussion paper

Whatever the security question, the answer is a national security strategy

In this paper, Jim Molan examines why the current uncertain strategic environment should be of utmost importance to Australia. Molan argues that priority of government should be the development of an effective, open and honest national security strategy, covering the nation as a whole as...

Submission: interim report on the Liquid Fuel Security Review

Australia faces significant risks to national security, energy security and climate change mitigation, due to a heavy reliance on imported oil and access to only a limited amount of fuel at any one time, according to this submission from the Australia Institute.

Liquid Fuel Security Review: interim report

This is the first in-depth look at Australia's liquid fuel sector for many years and it is important that industry and the community have an opportunity to contribute to the review.

Australia's fuel security: running on empty

This report examines the policy and industry changes that have caused Australia's fuel supplies to fall to just a quarter of the International Energy Agency’s fuel stockholding obligation, along with costing a potential solution.

Liquid fuel security: a quick guide

This quick guide contains a list of key resources to provide context and assist understanding of Australia’s liquid fuel security.