Hydrogen energy

Policy report

Power state: building the Victoria hydrogen industry

Hydrogen could be a new player in Australia’s clean energy transition. This report outlines some practical steps to fostering a large-scale hydrogen industry in Victoria.

Hydrogen futures: summary report

To explore pathways to creating a hydrogen economy, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) recently joined forces with the prestigious National Academy of Engineering Korea (NAEK), bringing experts from both nations together for a one-day ‘Hydrogen Futures’ workshop in March 2020. This report...
Discussion paper

Hytrojan - is hydrogen the next “clean coal”?

Hydrogen power has been heralded as a game changer in the global transition to low-carbon energy. This paper identifies serious concerns with hydrogen demand projections, regularly cited by state and federal governments, energy experts and industry figures, which overstate potential export demand.
Discussion paper

A vision for hydrogen in New Zealand: green paper

In an attempt to move towards a more renewable energy system, the New Zealand government has released this green paper, which lays out the role hydrogen could play in New Zealand’s economy, and what could possibly be done to accelerate its use.

Western Australian renewable hydrogen strategy

This strategy document details the Western Australian government's commitment to support and facilitate industry efforts to develop a renewable hydrogen industry in Western Australia. It sets out the state government's strategic areas of focus for the development of the industry.

Hydrogen and climate: Trojan horse or golden goose?

The development of hydrogen energy has been promoted as a lower-emissions alternative to Australian coal and gas exports. However, there is a significant risk that the promise of hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative, for domestic use and export, could backfire. The development of Australia’s hydrogen...

National hydrogen roadmap

Recently there has been a considerable amount of work undertaken (both globally and domestically) seeking to quantify the economic opportunities associated with hydrogen. The National Hydrogen Roadmap takes that analysis a step further by focusing on how those opportunities can be realised.

Opportunities for Australia from hydrogen exports

Countries around the world are under increasing pressure to decarbonise their economies. There is growing interest in the production and use of hydrogen as a potential scalable and versatile mechanism for achieving this aim. If the global demand for hydrogen increases as a consequence, then...