Civics education


Policy report

Engaging young citizens: civic education practices in the classroom and beyond

This paper draws on evidence from several OECD publications and beyond to explore and highlight select examples of successful, child-centred civic learning practices which strengthen the democratic skills, values and knowledge of students.
Policy report

A 2021 education resolution: keep an eye on the Australian curriculum

This paper argues that as the strengths and weaknesses of the Australian federation are tested, there can be few more powerful avenues leading to national unity and prosperity than a genuinely world-class Australian curriculum.
Working paper

Engaging youth - strategies for creating interested and informed voters

This paper reports on what young people themselves believe their democratic responsibility is and what their level of engagement should be. It argues that their testimony provides an important insight and crucial information that will be of use not just to academics but also to...

Inquiry into civics and electoral participation in Victorian state parliamentary elections

In the state of Victoria, there is a role for both the education system and for the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) in the teaching and awareness of civics. The committee believes that civics and a lack of public understanding about the way our democracy works...
Journal article

Civics and citizenship education in New Zealand: a case for change?

This article considers the case for a national strategy for civics and citizenship education in New Zealand and potential next steps for achieving this.

World youth report 2015: youth civic engagement

This report explores young people's participation in economic, political and community life around the world.

National Assessment Program - Civics and Citizenship: years 6 and 10 report 2013

The latest figures from a report by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on the National Assessment Program in Civics and Citizenship (NAP-CC), released by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) reveal that half of the Year 6 and Year 10 students...

Civics and citizenship: Draft shape paper

The draft shape paper for Civics and Citizenship is now available for national public consultation until Friday, 10 August 2012. ACARA encourages all members of the Australian community to view and comment on this very important curriculum document. The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for...

Inquiry into civics and electoral education

This report highlights significant opportunities to better engage key sections of the population in electoral matters and to improve the quality of civics education. The report follows successive surveys of young people which have shown that Australians between the ages of 15 and 35 typically...

Citizenship and Democracy: Students' Knowledge and Beliefs - Australian fourteen year olds and the IEA Civic Education Study

This report analyses and interprets the Australian data collected during the IEA Civic Education Study. It references the international data from the Study and the international report as it was thought illuminative to understanding the Australian picture. The analysis of the full Australian data set...