Visual literacy

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Technologies of public culture: heritage encounters with photography, television and the web

This article explores how cultural heritage institutions have ordered and regulated contact with their publics via a negotiation of different visual communication technologies.
Journal article

Digital technologies and performative pedagogies: Repositioning the visual

Images are becoming a primary means of information presentation in the digitized global media and digital technologies have emancipated and democratized the image. This allows for the reproduction and manipulation of images on a scale never seen before and opens new possibilities for teachers schooled...

First we see: the national review of visual education

This is the report of a two-year review of Australia's visual education that examined existing programs and good practice from across the education system and outlined a framework for the future of visual education and four key recommendations. The four key recommendations of the review...

Creating place: design education as vocational education and training

Design is an increasingly important component of our world-at-work. This project reveals the views of design educators working within vocational education and training (VET). Research participants called for a review of design education teaching methods in the VET context, with a particular focus on promoting...

Taxonomy of visual communication and a bibliography

The study of visual communication is a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional effort. People who write on this topic come from a wide range of disciplines and viewpoints causing some problems academically for those who teach visual communication because of a lack of common theory. This project looks...