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The Digital Health Systems Collection examines aspects of digital health systems which promise to improve and transform healthcare. It explores the evidence of what actually works and the ongoing policy discussions for how to implement change that delivers positive health benefits at a system level.
Journal article

The feasibility of deriving the Electronic Frailty Index from Australian general practice records

Other authors
Maree Ticehurst, Ruth Peters, Rona Macniven, Magnolia Cardona
Across the world, people are living longer, but with more chronic conditions, disability and frailty. This study aimed to examine the feasibility of deriving an electronic Frailty Index (eFI) and to use the index to describe the prevalence of frailty and the prevalence with socioeconomic...
Journal article

Patient expectations: searching websites on how to apply to access medical records

Patients who want to know how to access their medical records from a health organization’s website have certain expectations about what must be included to assist in this process. The purpose of this article is to detail patient expectations of a health care organization website...
Draft report

Voluntary Indigenous identifier (VII) Framework: a framework for the collection, release, use and publication of VII data

This draft document is intended for data users and potential data users to set out the rules and principles used by the Department of Health when making decisions about the collection, release, use and publication of Voluntary Indigenous Identifier (VII) data. It also sets out...

Benefits realisation: sharing insights

The purpose of this white paper is to offer countries an agreed set of ‘standard’ benefits categories and potential outcome measures to support the international comparison of evidence relating to digital health technologies and services.
Position paper

Identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian general practice

This position statement outlines the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' views on identifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in general practice settings.

RDA COVID-19: Recommendations and guidelines on data sharing

This is the final version of the recommendations and guidelines from the RDA COVID-19 Working Group, and has been endorsed through the official RDA process.

RDA COVID-19: Recommendations and guidelines

These detailed guidelines are supplemented with higher level recommendations aimed at the other stakeholder groups who need to work together with the researchers and data stewards to realise the timely and open sharing of research data as a key component of pandemic preparedness and response.

Implementation of the My Health Record system

My Health Record is an online electronic summary of a person’s health information. The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the My Health Record system under the opt-out model.

Guide to health privacy

This guide has been written to help health services providers — from doctors and private sector hospitals, through to allied health professionals, pharmacists, childcare centres and gyms —understand their obligations under the Privacy Act 1988, and embed good privacy in their practice.
Briefing paper

APO Digital Inclusion Collection brief: August 2019

This snapshot is inspired by the initiation of the Digital Health Literacy program being piloted for the Australian Digital Health Agency between July and December 2019. This program will deliver training to support people to improve their digital health literacy, including how to find quality...
Working paper

Modelling the possible returns to the NHS from private sector use of the 100K genomes database

This paper discusses why this is a particular moment for the NHS and Genomics England (GE), as they structure the commercial relationships with companies accessing the 100K Genomes database.

The core information standard

The report defines the digital health information that should be shared, by consulting widely with people who use services, health and care professionals. The consultation was conducted across the four nations, because the information needed to provide safe, high quality care should follow the person...

Coordination of health care: experiences of information sharing between providers for patients aged 45 and over - 2016

Safe and high-quality health care depends on the sharing of health information between health-care providers. This report looks at gaps in information sharing between providers, using the 2016 Survey of Health Care.

Shaping the future of UK healthcare: closing the digital gap

The latest report from from Deloitte's Centre for Health Solutions, examines the current challenges facing the healthcare system in realising the policy ambition of a digital first NHS, and some of the solutions to overcome them.

AMSANT submission on the National Primary Health Care Data Asset discussion paper - The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT)'S submission to the National Primary Health Care Data Asset (NPHCDA). This submission focuses on the need for strong protection of the rights and interests of Indigenous people in relation to their health data.

Security of patients' hospital data

Victorian health services are increasingly using information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver healthcare, and to capture and store patient information. This audit assessed whether Victorian public health services' ICT security practices effectively protect patient data.

Guide to producing and sourcing quality health information

This guide has been developed to help Victorian health services produce or source quality health information for people who use their services.
Briefing paper

Call for the establishment of a primary health care national minimum dataset

There have been numerous calls to establish a national minimum data set for primary health care in Australia. Despite significant investment in the provision of primary health care services in Australia, little is known about what services are being delivered to whom, with what outcomes.

Flying blind: Australian researchers and digital health

This report offers a series of recommendations to enhance health and medical research in Australia, saving lives and saving dollars.

Examining the power of Child-At-Risk electronic medical record (eMR) alerts to share interpersonal violence, abuse and neglect concerns: Do child protection alerts help?

This project sought to understand the impact of this Child-At-Risk (CAR) electronic Medical Record (eMR) alert information sharing system on outcomes for women and children. This included understanding how staff responded to seeing Child-At-Risk alerts on a client’s eMR, the practices that were carried out...

My Health Record system: final report

The My Health Record (MHR) system is an online folder of summary documents relating to a healthcare recipient's health that can be controlled by the individual. MHR can be used to record information such as allergies, blood test results or medical conditions a person has...
Briefing paper

My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018

The MHR (My Health Records) Act establishes a complex regulatory framework for the use, collection and disclosure of the health information included in a healthcare recipient’s My Health Record.

Maternity record standard: final report

This aim of this report is to improve care experienced by pregnant women and their babies by developing standards for a digital maternity record to allow clinical information to be recorded, exchanged and accessed consistently across care settings.