Circular economy


Towards a waste free future

This report examines how technology can transform the waste and resource-recovery sector in Australia, and support the transition towards a thriving circular economy.
Journal article

Building design and construction strategies for a circular economy

Through a systematic literature review, this study assesses which design and construction strategies are being linked to the concept of CE for new buildings, and their level of application and readiness in a building context.

Vision towards a responsible future of consumption: collaborative action framework for consumer industries

In this paper, the World Economic Forum and its partners in the Consumer Industries community and the Future of Consumption Platform have come together to share their vision, mission and goals framework for collective action towards a better and more resilient future.

Regeneration of the built environment from a circular economy perspective

This open access book explores the strategic importance and advantages of adopting multidisciplinary and multiscalar approaches of inquiry and intervention with respect to the built environment, based on principles of sustainability and circular economy strategies. The book offers a rich selection of conceptual, empirical, methodological...
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How close is the built environment to achieving circularity?

This paper will extrapolate the EMF's ReSOLVE frameworks through the context of three examples in vastly different formats.

Putting waste to work: developing a role for energy from waste

Australian governments have a major opportunity to avoid a looming waste crisis and embrace energy recovery as a way of managing our waste and creating baseload power in the process. This report outlines a series of key recommendations required to support the roll out of...

Amsterdam circular 2020-2025 strategy

The strategy makes use of an adapted version of British economist Kate Raworth's "doughnut model". The model describes how societies and businesses can contribute to economic development while still respecting the limits of the planet and the community.
Working paper

Labour market consequences of a transition to a circular economy: a review paper

To date, the quantitative literature on the employment impacts of the circular economy is still scarce. This study is the first of its kind to review the available studies on this increasingly important policy issue.
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Strategies for applying the circular economy to prefabricated buildings

In this paper, a circular-economy framework is applied to the prefabricated building sector to explore the environmental advantages of prefabrication in terms of reduction, reusability, adaptability, and recyclability of its components. A qualitative approach is used to revisit the design, construction, and demolition stages of...
Conference paper

An exploration of BIM and lean interaction in optimizing demolition projects

This research investigates the possibility of extending BIM functionalities to support deconstruction (demolition) processes in alignment with Lean Principles. Based on the existing interaction matrix between BIM functionalities and Lean Principles and its subsequent extensions, the synergies between BIM and Lean are explored from a...