Craft economy


Draft report

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts: draft report

This draft report examines the value, nature and structure of markets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts, and makes preliminary recommendations to the Australian government to address deficiencies in these markets.
Discussion paper

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts: issues paper

The Productivity Commission has started a new study into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts. This issues paper sets out some of the issues and questions that people have raised in the early stage of the study.

South Australia craft sector strategy 2020

This strategy provides a range of short- and longer-term recommendations designed to strengthen the craft economy at both a macro and micro level, in order to engender a thriving craft ecology that positions South Australia at the heart of Australian craft innovation and culture.

Crafting self: promoting the making self in the creative micro-economy

The primary aim of this project was to determine how online distribution is changing the environment for operating a creative micro-enterprise, and with it, the larger relationship between public and private spheres. A key research question was - what are the ‘self-making’ skills required to...

Growing the UK's creative industries: what creative enterprises need to thrive and grow

The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK economy. This report aims to get to the heart of the issue: what do creative enterprises understand by growth, how fast are they growing, and what prevents them from growing more?

Crafting the future of work: the big impact of microbusiness

Etsy is a global creative commerce platform that builds markets, services, and economic opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Within Etsy markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell, and buy unique goods. We believe that we’re creating a new...

Economic security for the gig economy: a social safety net that works for everyone who works

Fifty years ago, the average worker expected to stay with one employer for the duration of their career, and that employer provided a full suite of benefits that guaranteed economic security to the worker and their family. Today traditional full-time employment is no longer the...

Innovation through craft: opportunities for growth

The Crafts Council commissioned KPMG to conduct this study to better understand the extent to which collaboration and innovation take place in, and through, craft and, importantly, what barriers need to be overcome to achieve the potential economic opportunities from it.

Agenda for Australian craft and design

This is an agenda for the future of Australian making, produced by the National Craft Initiative over a three-year period of engagement with the professional craft and design community.
Conference paper

Promoting the making self in the creative micro-economy

This paper reports upon very early findings from a three year ARC Discovery project exploring how online distribution is changing the environment for operating a creative micro-enterprise, with a specific focus on designer-makers. A key research question for the project is: what are the ‘self-making’...
Conference paper

Making places: creativity, craft and manufacture in Shanghai

From the 1980s European and North American cities engaged in a process of ‘urban regeneration’ involving the displacement of manufacturing by finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE), cultural and creative industries, and tourism. Henceforth developed economies would produce ‘creative’ or ‘knowledge’ intensive services and developing...

Creative boom: a report into four sectors of strength and opportunity in the arts

The Arts Industry Council of SA (AICSA) commissioned this report to explore how South Australia’s strengths in the arts and cultural industries could further support the state’s economic agenda.

Building an Etsy economy: the new face of creative entrepreneurship

Although Etsy sellers differ from traditional entrepreneurs in many ways, they are emblematic of larger shifts in the economy towards self-employment and micro-business. Most are businesses of one, and face very different challenges from even a five- or ten-person enterprise. Government and regulatory agencies should...

A call to action: five proposals to support the emerging maker market

The maker movement is on the rise. There are already over one million Etsy sellers worldwide. Together, they sold over $1.35 billion worth of goods in 2013. The emerging maker movement offers the tantalizing promise of a better economy—one that puts people at the center...

Mapping the Australian craft sector

This research report addresses the first phase of the National Craft Initiative project with the overall aim being to provide the foundations for action in building a sustainable, strong, and highly valued crafts industry in Australia.

The gleaning guide: venturing in redirective fashion

Abstract: Gleaning, when adopted as an attitude and an action, is useful in seeing and utilising the value in what has been cast aside. This is gleaning through the physical collection of what is left behind, alongside gleaning that is slow, incremental and epistemological. These...

Beneficial appropriation and corporate exploitation: Exploring the use of ethnographic methods in art, craft and design

Recently there has been a move towards incorporating ethnographic practices into the research phase of the design process. Groundbreaking work has been done by design consultancies like IDEO (2001), and by trend-predictors such as The Future Laboratory. Large corporations (BMW, Philips and Mark & Spencer)...

Making and thinking in the intersection: conversations about craft and design

There are both challenges and opportunities for people working at the intersection of the crafts and design, and this presentation is interested in both analysis of the current state of the industry as well as strategies to aid its progression. "There are many intersections within...