Workforce diversity

Policy report

Improving gender diversity in companies 2020

This report is an analysis of initiatives to improve gender diversity in companies. It examines innovative policies to recruit and retain talent across genders. Gender diversity is a significant issue of risk management for boards and for companies.

Shifting the balance: cultural diversity in leadership within the Australian arts, screen and creative sectors

This report provides a starting point for the development of more substantial research into the composition and organisational cultures of creative sector organisations, and the causes for CALD under-representation in these organisations.

Workforce diversity trend report 2019

This report has been created from the data collected and made available by the ABS. While ALIA's principle concern is the library and information sector, they have extended the report to cover the GLAMR (galleries, libraries, archives, museums and records) sector.

Proud, visible, safe

This report examines the experiences of LGBTIQ employees at Victoria Police. The report finds that Victoria Police is committed to building an organisational culture that is safe for LGBTIQ employees – but that there still a way to go.

Good work: The Greens’ 10 principles for rewriting our labour laws

We live in a society, not an economy. And while most of us have to work to live, we should never be living just to work. Good work can help us lead a good life. However, for many people work is now insecure, unfulfilling and...

Global review of diversity and inclusion in business innovation

This report reviews global efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in business innovation, examining Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

Public service workforce data 2018

This year’s information release shows the public service in New Zealand has made significant progress towards increased representation of women in senior management and chief executive roles. It also shows progress in other priority areas including closing the gender pay gap, gender equity for chief...
Policy report

Inclusive workspaces: diversity and public policy

Workplace inequality remains a challenge for diversity and inclusion in New Zealand. So what role can public policy and the state sector play to promote and encourage positive change?

Writing the future: Black and Asian writers and publishers in the UK marketplace

We believe that for UK literature of all genres (and its publishers) to thrive, it must reflect the complexity of the cultures and society it is responding to. Yet the success and upsurge in the publication of BAME fiction writers in the 1990’s and early...

Co-operatives in the creative industries: think-piece

The creative industries – the media industries, arts and services like design and architecture – have been the focus of policy attention, support and funding for some two decades and more. And not just in the UK. This is a global phenomenon with governments across...