Economic mobility

Income mobility

Working paper

Involuntary job loss: welfare effects, earnings impacts and policy options

In this paper, the authors explain how displacement harms workers’ mental health and economic security in the short term and negatively affects their earnings and mortality risk in the long term.

Crossing the fiscal cliff

This report collates findings from the McKell Institute’s analysis of the changes to the JobKeeper package that will commence after September 28, 2020. Drawing on post-code level data, it derives national, state and post-code level findings on the size of the reduction in JobKeeper payments...

Under pressure: the squeezed middle class

The middle class has shrunk in most OECD countries, says this report, as younger generations face growing economic pressure. While almost 70% of baby boomers were part of middle-income households in their twenties, only 60% of millennials are today.

Downward economic mobility in Australia

This report documents the patterns of declining economic mobility around Australia. It also provides a foundation for further research, exploring factors associated with the trends outlined.

Changing attitudes: survey of community attitudes towards disability in Victoria

The Community Attitudes Survey examines personally-held and perceived societal attitudes about people with disability. The survey explored dimensions of attitudes including beliefs, feelings, and behaviours. This report presents results thematically based on survey content.

Imagining a future of work that fosters mobility for all

We live in a time of rising economic polarization. Low and high-wage jobs are growing, while those in the middle are declining or “hollowing out,” not just in the United States, but across the globe. Employment used to be a reliable path to economic stability...
Journal article

Precarities of migrant work in Singapore: migration, (im)mobility, and neoliberal governmentality

Building on dialectical relationship between mobility and materiality, and drawing on collaborations with foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and migrant construction workers (MCWs) in Singapore in co-creating communication infrastructures, this article theorises resistance as mobilities in Asia.
Journal article

Income volatility in New Zealand

This article provides an analysis and discussion of the volatility of individual incomes in New Zealand.
Literature review

Income mobility in Australia

In recent years, the divide between the richest and the poorest has been growing in many Western countries, and it may now be harder for someone born to low income parents to become economically successful later in life.

How income mobility and income growth explain income inequality trends

Proposes a new approach capable of explaining concomitant changes in income inequality and income mobility. Introduction Income mobility and income inequality are two topics that have been the subject of extensive research. Although both topics are clearly related, building a bridge between them remains a...