Integrated development

Mixed tenure
Tenure diversification
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DMAIC manual for an Integrated Management System: application in a construction company

This article elaborates on the development of a DMAIC Manual for the restructuring of an Integrated Management System of a Brazilian company that builds real estate and corporate works, with a focus on Lean Six Sigma. The Manual was designed to lead the XYZ construction...
Discussion paper

Does tenure mix work?

Tenure mix has been put forward as a way to break up concentrations of poverty. But how effective is it as a tool to achieve better individual and neighbourhood outcomes?

The challenges of developing and managing mixed tenure housing

This report looks into the sustainable housing options available in Scotland, UK. Whilst the financial climate is restricting overall investment in affordable housing, mixed tenure developments now account for a greater proportion of the affordable housing investment programme than has ever been the case previously...
Conference paper

Conceptualising 'integration' in policy and practice: a case study of integrated planning in Melbourne

This paper contributes to strengthening the understanding of integrated planning by drawing on research conducted in Melbourne, Australia. Specifically, it uncovers contemporary drivers, meanings and mechanisms of ‘integrated planning’.
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Residents' perspectives about social mix

This paper describes residents’ perceptions of 'social mix', utilising three case studies of social housing estates based in South Australia that have undergone substantial changes to social mix to reduce concentrations of public housing tenants and attract private home owners into the areas.
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Constructing gerotopia: the impacts of age-segregated communities on the Gold Coast.

In this paper we are interested in the extent to which these new developments represent either a continuation of or transition to segregated living for their inhabitants and explore what this means in the wider context of urban policy and planning.

The benefits of tenure diversification

This report presents the findings of research that aimed to assess the extent to which the various objectives of tenure diversification policies have been achieved.