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Infill development

Brownfield land

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Can planning incentives deliver affordable housing in our cities and regions? Evidence from NSW

This paper examines evidence of the outcomes of a NSW planning policy that provides a state-wide density bonus for infill, multi-unit housing projects that dedicate at least 20% of gross floor area for affordable rental housing.
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Flexible growth scenarios in Melbourne: impacts and opportunities of diversified dwelling supply

This paper presents a series of speculative growth scenarios in Melbourne that test how medium-density infill models can respond to short- and long-term housing needs.
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Models for water sensitive middle suburban infill development

Infill development in Australian cities over the coming decades is expected to have considerable negative influence on the hydrology, resource efficiency, liveability and amenity of our cities. This project aims to develop and apply a performance evaluation framework to understand infill impacts, create design options...
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Dormancy in two regional cities and its relevance to the growth of Sydney

The dormant cityscape continues to haunt many of our burgeoning, high growth cities. Former port lands, ‘brownfield’ sites and degraded suburban areas persist in these states for what appears to be decades without any apparent revival. Despite the usual forms of planning, zoning and controls...

Perth’s infill housing future

This publication offers thoughtful perspectives on how housing demand, diversity and affordability have changed in recent years and the resulting need for more diverse housing delivery.
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Infill development and the distribution of open space in Melbourne

Focusing on public and private open space at ground level, this paper aims to assess how residential infill developments are impacting on open space availability.
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Exploring infrastructure provision issues in greenfield and urban infill residential developments

This paper explores the extent of infrastructure provision issues and tries to identify the actual costs of provision in different situations.
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Infill development: planning for a sustainable suburbia

This paper explores the complexity of suburbs, with a particular focus on the environmental benefits that they offer, to show that in some respects suburbs have been miscast as unsustainable. Suburban infill development in a provincial New Zealand city is then used to quantify the...
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Infill design opportunities

This paper draws on a research initiative of the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA) and the Monash Architecture Studio (MAS) to examine the opportunities and constraints associated with the small infill housing in middle suburban contexts.

Delivering diverse and affordable housing on infill development sites

The outcome of the project is a list of recommendations designed to increase the supply of appropriate, diverse and affordable housing through infill development.
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Examination of the supply of open space at the residential level: Adelaide

The aim of this paper is to examine if the percentage of open space in older suburbs has changed over time due to residential infill development, how the supply of open space in older suburbs compares with new suburbs.
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The fiscal crisis of the local state, urban consolidation, and local open space provision in Sydney

This paper analyses the recent provision of local open space in urban consolidation developments in Sydney, using data from a survey of local councils.
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Community formation and attitudes to sustainability: comparative case studies from Canberra

This paper reports on a case study on community formation and attitudes to sustainability in three Canberra suburbs, building on literature that see a strong sense of community as a necessarily element of making cities more sustainable.
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Trends and spatial patterns of infill development in Melbourne metropolitan local government areas

The synthesis presented here refers to infill mapping in different local government areas in the Middle and Outer regions of the Melbourne Metropolitan Area (MMA), including Monash, Knox, Casey, and Whittlesea local government areas.
Conference paper

Housing affordability crises in Australia: how and why did planning get on the housing affordability agenda?

Focusing on Melbourne, this paper documents the coverage of housing affordability issues in a sample of print media, academic journal articles, and planning policy over the period 1989 to 2009, to explore the circumstances under which land use planning became part of housing affordability debate...
Conference paper

Meso and micro governance in urban consolidation: the role of UDC's and bodies corporate in inner urban developments

The paper reviews the impact of private public relationships on development and some preliminary outcomes for settlers in relation to their expectations of the area, the management and governance of new development and the quality of life in medium and high density developments.