Greenfield development


New housing supply, population growth and access to social infrastructure

This research tests the usefulness of new datasets to inform the forward planning of social and community infrastructure in rapidly growing areas of Australian cities. It focusses on greenfield areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth to demonstrate data sources and methods that can be replicated...
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Paradise planned: socio-economic differentiation and the master planned community on Sydney’s urban fringe

Since the mid 1980s the character of residential development on Sydney’s urban fringe has become increasingly socially and economically differentiated from older more established outer ring suburbs.
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Tracing the 'zombification' of undeveloped estates in greater Melbourne and its outlying regions

The ‘zombie subdivision’ is a phenomenon identified by the Lincoln Institute as ‘once- promising projects’ now ‘distressed’, with the fulfilment of plans or visions for the site effectively stalled. Services such as water, electricity, and roads are often absent in these areas, leaving them partially-...
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Practitioner perspectives on nature conservation at the urban edge

As the boundaries of our cities expand, many new suburbs are being developed near nationally listed threatened ecological communities and threatened species habitat. This study uses semi-structured in-depth interviews (n=35) and focus groups (n=2) to ask urban practitioners about their experiences with greenfield development in...
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Exploring infrastructure provision issues in greenfield and urban infill residential developments

This paper explores the extent of infrastructure provision issues and tries to identify the actual costs of provision in different situations.
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Laurimar: a town like no other

This paper discusses greenfield development in the town of Laurimar in Victoria.
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Sustainable urban form and the shopping mall: an investigation of retail provision in new housing subdivisions in Melbourne's growth areas

New retail and activity centres currently being planned for and developed in growth areas on greenfield sites on the city fringe should be designed from the outset with sustainability criteria in mind.
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Leisure on the fringe

This paper highlights the need for vertical and horizontal governance and coordination between state and local government bodies, across the whole Growth Centre to transcend local government boundaries and politics.
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Community formation and attitudes to sustainability: comparative case studies from Canberra

This paper reports on a case study on community formation and attitudes to sustainability in three Canberra suburbs, building on literature that see a strong sense of community as a necessarily element of making cities more sustainable.