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The impact of Tongan cultural practices on Tongans’ economic behaviour

The purpose of this thesis was to find ways in which the current practices of Tongan culture and of the church could be modified so that any economic adverse impact they have on Tongans could be alleviated. This research is particularly significant when contextualised in...

Spaces between: a personal exploration of the VĀ

This project is a personal exploration of cultural values in relation to traditional and westernised influences, as they are received by young Pacific people. This project employs practice – based approaches, using video performance and audio. This is to negotiate positions from which to engage...

Mavae and Tofiga: spatial exposition of the Samoan cosmogony and architecture

How is space constituted and made manifest in the cultural and philosophical context of Samoan society? And how can a primordial concept of space be constituted in the architecture of the fale (house) and then reconstituted as a cultural phenomenon, stretching from pre-contact times in...

How does the next generation of Pacific diaspora from blended backgrounds construct and maintain their identities through the spaces they inhabit?

How does the next generation of Pacific diaspora from ‘blended backgrounds’ construct and maintain their identities through the spaces they inhabit? The aim of this research is to highlight the importance of space in relation to identity for Pacific diasporic communities in Auckland, specifically looking...

“Foki ki ‘Api” – Nurturing our understanding of ‘home’ when visiting friends and relatives (VFR) - the case of Leimātu‘a, Vava‘u, Tonga

International migration for people in the Pacific has become a cultural and economic voyage in which identities are challenged and questioned. With the evolution of transport technology, the modern era has provided a more efficient form of transport. This study contributes to the theorising of...

Fofola e fala kae alea e kᾱinga: exploring the issues of communication regarding Tongan youth suicide in South Auckland, New Zealand

There is a growing amount of literatures and researches examining key factors that contribute to the vulnerability of Pacific youth, especially suicide. In 2011, there was a spike in the number of young Tongans in New Zealand who lost their lives to this epidemic and...

“Coconut water in a Coca Cola bottle” in search of an identity: a New Zealand-born Samoan Christian in a globalized world

An investigation into New Zealand-born Samoan identity in the Congregational Christian Church Samoa.