Witness welfare

Witness protection


Expert evidence about memory in New Zealand sexual violence trials and appellate courts 2001 to 2020

This project arose out of concern that the nature of memory expert evidence offered to the courts exaggerates memory fallibility in relation to sexual violence complaints and that the research cited in support lacks relevance or ecological validity. At issue is whether jurors need educating...

Rape myths as barriers to fair trial process

This book contains the findings of four years of research that compares the trial process in thirty adult rape cases from 2010 to 2015 (in which the defence at trial was consent), with ten cases from the Sexual Violence Court Pilot heard in 2018.

Welfare of witnesses in IBAC investigations: special report

This report highlights the importance of the welfare of witnesses subject to the exercise of coercive powers by integrity agencies.

Open Courts Act Review: report

The Open Courts Act Review was asked to consider whether the Act is striking the right balance between the need for open and transparent justice, and the need to protect the legitimate interests of victims, witnesses and accused persons, and to preserve the proper administration...
Journal article

Balancing fairness to victims, society and defendants in the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses: an impossible triangulation?

This article argues that direct cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses should be removed from Australian trials, to reduce any illegitimate advantage to the defendant.