Work insecurity

Alternate Term Label:
Alternative work
Contingent work
Informal work
Insecure work
Non-traditional work arrangements
Patchwork economy
Precarious employment
Discussion paper

Coming of age in a crisis: young workers, COVID-19, and the Youth Guarantee

This report looks at the state of youth unemployment and underutilisation in Australia both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and forecasts a likely trajectory for youth unemployment in the months and years ahead.
Journal article

Insights into architects’ future roles in off-site construction

Off-Site Manufacture and Construction (OSCM) is at the heart of the modern construction industry. This paper explores the traditional thinking patterns of architects in China and predicts possible future roles for them. We foresee a study approach that focuses on the order and rules for...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Has the rate of casualisation in the workforce remained steady for the last 20 years?

An argument has erupted over the rate of casual employment in the Australian workforce with unions claiming it is on the rise, and Workplace and Deregulation Minister Craig Laundy dismissing this as a lie.
Briefing paper

South Australian creative industries: a census snapshot

This document aims to give some statistical context to the recent focus by the South Australian government on growing the creative industries.
Discussion paper

Art vs dismal science: the economics of Australia’s creative arts sector

This paper highlights the significant economic contribution of the creative arts in Australia and the threat that COVID-19 presents to the sector. It also reveals that a majority of Australians (58%) support a $750 million federal relief package to support the live music sector which...

Measuring the "gig" economy: challenges and options

There is concern among policymakers about the effect of gig work on the financial stability of gig workers. This paper provides a New Zealand-specific typology for identifying gig work, and discusses conceptual and practical issues related to measuring it.

Precarity and job instability on the frontlines of NDIS support work

In this report, researchers document the experience of front-line disability service workers under the NDIS based on first-hand qualitative interviews.

Towards a fairer gig economy

This publication contains a collection of articles examining the social and economic problems associated with the ‘gig economy’.
Conference paper

The future of work: five contrarian insights

Centre for Future Work Director, Jim Stanford, challenges five stereotypical claims that are often advanced in debates over the future of work. This commentary was prepared for the My Labour, Our Future conference held last month in Montreal (Canada), to mark the 100th Anniversary of...

Coal miners and urban greenies have one thing in common, and Labor must use it

Coal miners are not ignorant of the changing economics of their industry. But Labor will gain ground only if it devises a climate policy that is environmentally sound and offers protection against precarious employment.