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Towards a thriving digital resource ecology with teachers

This scoping and co-design research project establishes how teachers in Victorian government schools and key stakeholders engage with digital educational resources primarily in teaching and learning and, to a lesser extent, in professional learning contexts.

The national blockchain roadmap: progressing towards a blockchain-empowered future

Australia is home to a number of world-first blockchain applications. Combining blockchain technology with other technologies can add economic value to a range of business sectors. This document outlines a strategy for governments, industry and researchers to capitalise on opportunities and address challenges. It also...

Innovation brokerage: enabling collaborations through emerging digital tech

This report examines the phenomenon of ‘digital innovation brokerage’ that aims to connect ideas, people, organisations, and communities through digital technologies.
Policy report

The entrepreneurial state

Innovation policy in Britain has become tired and is in need of refreshing. This pamphlet by Mariana Mazzucato, currently Professor in the Economics of Innovation at the Open University, and soon to be the new RM Phillips Chair in Science and Technology Policy at the...

New Zealand's research, science and innovation strategy: draft for consultation

The New Zealand government is developing a new research, science and innovation strategy, and has released this draft version for public comment.

Health at a glance: Europe 2018

The Health at a Glance: Europe report series gauges progress towards effective, accessible and resilient health systems across the EU. The report which is published every two years attempts to provide a neutral, descriptive comparison of all EU countries on the basis of publically available...

The NHS patient safety strategy: safer culture, safer systems, safer patients

This strategy collection describes how the NHS will continuously aim to improve patient safety, building on the foundations of a safer culture and safer systems.

New technologies for the brain require ethical approaches to innovation

New innovations in neurotechnology should consider ethical, social and legal implications.

Valuable digitalisation: how local government can play the ‘technology game’ in the public’s interest

The way in which Dutch municipal authorities innovate digitally has an impact on local democracy, the economy, work, social life and the physical environment. In this report, local administrators identify ten perspectives for socially responsible digitalisation.