Data sovereignty



Indigenous health genomics: the legal, ethical and social issues

This paper identifies key issues surrounding ownership, data sovereignty, discrimination and governance within the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples genomic information.

Preserve, strengthen and renew in community project report

This report synthesises the main research findings that emerged from the Preserve, Strengthen and Renew in Community (PSR) project.

Indigenous data sovereignty and policy

This book examines how Indigenous peoples around the world are demanding greater data sovereignty, and challenging the ways in which governments have historically used Indigenous data to develop policies and programs.

Aboriginal participatory action research: an Indigenous research methodology strengthening decolonisation and social and emotional wellbeing

This report articulates how and why Indigenous knowledge and research methodologies need to be recognised as critical components of research to improve social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations people.

Indigenous data sovereignty: retooling Indigenous resurgence for development

This paper focuses on the historical contexts, including the triggers and the processes, behind the growing relevance of Indigenous data sovereignty as a critical tool to advance the Indigenous vision of self-determined development as part of the logic of broader self-determination.
Position paper

AbSec’s position on Indigenous data sovereignty

Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec)'s position paper regarding data sovereignty regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being able to exercise authority over data about children and families.

AMSANT submission on the National Primary Health Care Data Asset discussion paper - The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT)'S submission to the National Primary Health Care Data Asset (NPHCDA). This submission focuses on the need for strong protection of the rights and interests of Indigenous people in relation to their health data.

Indigenous Data Network

A strategy for the University of Melbourne's Indigenous Data Network to assist Indigenous communities in developing the technical capability and resources to enable them to manage their data for community advancement. And to take a lead role in negotiating agreements with government agencies to make...

Good data

This edited collection examines 'good data' practices, values and principles from an interdisciplinary, international perspective. It aims to start a conversation on data futures and present steps to encourage the use of good data in practice.
Journal article

Data sovereignty, community control and better outcomes

How data sovereignty can empower First Australian communities to define success on their own terms, and in so doing, improve outcomes for people.