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Governance of the Seasonal Worker Programme in Australia and sending countries

From a slow start in 2008, Australia’s Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) has become a growing source of employment in the Pacific, and an important part of the seasonal workforce for Australian farmers. This report recommends ways to improve SWP governance, both in Australia and in...

Minimum wages to the maximum: the risks of lifting the minimum wage

The report argues for a much higher minimum wage to help reduce inequality and lift productivity. This is despite the fact that the minimum wage was already increased from $17.70 to $18.90 in April of this year. In particular, the report recommends a “living wage”...

The future of work: OECD employment outlook 2019 - highlights

The OECD Employment Outlook provides an annual assessment of key labour market developments and prospects in OECD member countries. The 2019 edition is devoted to the future of work. This highlights report includes an editorial on the issue and several pages of recommendations for future...

Expanding economic opportunity: an international comparison of Australia’s labour market regulation

This report presents a comparison of Australia’s labour market entitlements with similar common law countries, and looks at how the labour market is perceived in ways that affect investment and growth.
Journal article

The resurgence of gig work: historical and theoretical perspectives

This article provides historical and theoretical perspective on the expansion of digitally mediated work, to better understand the range of forces (technological, economic and socio-political) at work.

Protecting flexibility in a dynamic economy: a critique of the Victorian government’s regulatory agenda

This paper examines current or proposed changes to the sharing economy, regulations hitting the labour hire industry, proposals to tackle ‘wage theft’, and the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws, in the context of the rapid growth of the Victorian public sector since 2014.

'Light touch' Labour regulation by state governments in Australia: a preliminary assessment

Increasing attention (particularly in Europe and the United States) has been paid to the use by states of ‘soft’ or ‘light touch’ approaches to regulating labour standards. Such regulatory approaches are yet to receive extensive consideration as forms of state labour regulation in Australian labour...