Conference paper

Resilience and adaptation: urban manufacturing and cultural production in Melbourne’s gentrifying inner north

This paper focuses on interviews with urban manufacturers and cultural producers in Brunswick, a gentrifying suburb approximately six kilometres north of Melbourne’s central business district.

Global Environment Outlook 6 for industry in Asia-Pacific

This report shows the environmental problems in Asia-Pacific, how they are caused, and how they can be addressed by the region’s rapid industrialization.

World development report 2019

World Bank's 2019 Annual World Development Report comes at a time where the global economy is growing and the poverty rate is the lowest in recorded history. Technology brings a further wave of uncertainty as the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, both creating opportunities...

Driving transformational change in the construction value chain: reaching the untapped potential

In this report commissioned by the i24c initiative, BPIE investigates opportunities to strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership in the construction value chain, in order to deliver a fast and deep decarbonisation together with economic and competitive advantages in and for Europe, particularly through innovation. Innovation opportunities...