Slum housing

Informal settlements

Journal article

Remaking slums: international examples of upgrading neighbourhoods

The slum, self-constructed houses and neighbourhoods, signifies the dwelling and home for a very representative part of humanity. This text analyses the different typologies and the different possible and ethical strategies for foreseeing, for remaking and for the resettlement of these self-produced neighbourhoods.
Briefing paper

Where and how slum electrification succeeds: a proposal for replication

This paper summarises several recent developments which suggest a path for the government, the utility, and the local population to work together to provide everyone with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity.

Addressing the most vulnerable first – pro-poor climate action in informal settlements

Urbanization is one of the global megatrends of our time, unstoppable and irreversible. In 30 years, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas; 90 per cent of this urban growth will take place in less developed regions such as East Asia, South...

Bigger cities, bigger slums

Our increasing urbanisation means a significant growth in the size and number of the world's slums. So, without romanticising the slum, can we make them places fit for living? And do we have any choice? Guests Billy CobbettManager of the Cities Alliance. Professor Paul JamesDirector...