Australia-Pacific relations



Time to ‘step up’ the tempo: Australia’s answer to Beijing in Papua New Guinea

This paper argues that the opportunistic nature of Chinese foreign policy demands vigilance from Australian policy-makers. It recommends some ways Australia can use its tools of statecraft to mitigate China’s influence and competition.
Policy report

Strengthening Australia's relationships with countries in the Pacific islands region

Australia’s relationships with the countries of the Pacific islands region are many and varied. This policy brief focuses on how Australia can further develop and strengthen its relationships with Pacific island countries and with the Pacific islands region more generally.

Australia’s new regional context: Pacific Island futures and air power possibilities

This paper argues that emerging aerospace technologies, human security constructs and different organisational concepts could combine to enhance Australia’s Pacific Step Up strategy in the future.

Enter the dragon: Australia, China, and the new Pacific development agenda

This report is written as a response to the proposed Australian Infrastructure Investment Fund for the Pacific (AIFFP), a $2 billion facility that intends to combine $500 million of aid grants with $1.5 million of loans to Pacific Island projects.
Working paper

Friend or foe: Australia, climate change and the Pacific

Shifts in global power and growing geostrategic competition in the Pacific Ocean have left Australia scurrying to shore-up its position as a trusted partner of Pacific Island nations and maintain its place as an influential player in the region.
Working paper

Back on the map: Pacific Islands in a new era of strategic competition

The past 12 months have seen a veritable frenzy of diplomatic activity in the Pacific Ocean.