Health economics

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Health budget
Health costs
Health expenditure
Health financing
Health funding
Health funds
Discussion paper

Financing aged care

The consultation paper examines how aged care is funded in Australia and overseas, and considers a range of options that have the potential to transform the way aged care is funded and delivered in Australia.
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Fact Check: Did the Tasmanian Liberals cut $210m from the health budget?

Labor has put hospitals at the fore of its pitch to win the 2018 Tasmanian election, attacking Premier Will Hodgman's record on health funding.

Investing to save: the economics of increased investment in palliative care in Australia

This report calls for an overhaul of the palliative care system in Australia, including an additional annual investment of just over $350 million, which will result in a saving of over $450 million across the broader health care system every year.

Quantifying the social costs of pharmaceutical opioid misuse and illicit opioid use to Australia in 2015/16

In recent decades the range and patterns of opioids used for extra-medical purposes have changed. The use of pharmaceutical opioids exceeds the use of heroin. The objective of this report was to estimate the social costs arising from extra-medical opioid use in Australia for the...

What the sports rorts scandal reminds us about health spending

Politically motivated funding decisions are dwarfing the controversy that claimed a minister.

A new vision for health reform

Health spending is the largest component of the US federal budget. Left unchecked, federal health spending is expected to double over the next decade. This paper details how to arm purchasers – consumers, physicians, insurers, employers, and the government – to make cost-effective decisions in...

Bedtime reading: inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia

This inquiry investigated policy, research, education and public investment concerning sleep health awareness. Recommendations include a national education and awareness campaign, a review of practices for for shift workers, improved access to related healthcare services and tests, and dedicated research funding.

Public spending on health: a closer look at global trends

Global spending on health is growing fast, accounting for 10% of global GDP, but out-of-pocket expenses are still pushing many people into poverty.
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A review of the economic impact of mental illness

Abstract Objective To examine the impact and cost associated with mental illness. Methods A rapid review of the literature from Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada was undertaken. The review included literature pertaining to the cost-of-illness and impact of mental illness as well as any...
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Direct health and residential care costs of people living with dementia in Australian residential aged care

This study provides the first estimate of the whole‐of‐system costs of providing health and residential care for people living with dementia in residential aged care in Australia using individual level health and social care data.