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Briefing paper

Reducing diagnostic errors related to medical imaging

This paper outlines several recommendations to improve the use of diagnostic imaging within the diagnostic process.
Journal article

Completeness of open access FluNet influenza surveillance data for Pan-America in 2005–2019

The proposed metric outlined in this article could navigate experts in assessing open access data quality and quantity for conducting credible statistical analyses, estimating disease trends, and developing outbreak forecasting systems.

Health and independence report 2019

This report presents the latest data on measures of health, including life expectancy, causes of health loss, and determinants of health.

Dialogues about data: building trust and unlocking the value of citizens’ health and care data

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the opportunities and challenges of sharing health and care data to the front of public debate. This report sets out two interlinked challenges to building a data-driven health and care system.
Draft report

Voluntary Indigenous identifier (VII) Framework: a framework for the collection, release, use and publication of VII data

This draft document is intended for data users and potential data users to set out the rules and principles used by the Department of Health when making decisions about the collection, release, use and publication of Voluntary Indigenous Identifier (VII) data. It also sets out...

Health expenditure Australia 2018-19

Regular reporting of national health expenditure is important to understanding Australia’s health system and how spending relates to changes such as the ageing population, increased chronic disease prevalence, and medicinal and technological developments. This report presents estimates of the amount spent on health goods and...
Briefing paper

Data collection for community-based allied health chronic disease management

This paper argues that there is a lack of digital infrastructure to support the collection of allied health data. The authors suggest that development and implementation of nationally consistent clinical terminology for data entry, software interoperability standards for data exchange and sharing, and support for...

The patient leadership triangle

Providing a practical engagement model, the author of this publication moves beyond the tick-the-box, patient feedback and representational approaches that serves to maintain status quo and preserve institutional authority.

The feasibility and utility of using coded ambulance records for a violence surveillance system: a novel pilot study

The primary aim of this study was to pilot the use of coded ambulance clinical records for violence surveillance at the population level, similarly to work done in an established surveillance system of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and mental health-related harms.

Impact of COVID-19: theoretical modelling of how the health system can respond

This document outlines scenario modelling undertaken to inform how Australia prepares our health system, including our intensive care units, for COVID-19.