Data breaches


GPEN sweep 2019 ‘data breach notifications’

The 2019 Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Sweep considered how organisations in various jurisdictions handle and respond to data breaches.
Discussion paper

Tackling fraud in government with data analytics

Over the last few years, the UK Government has been exploring how data can improve counter fraud in government, working in collaboration with the private sector and academia. This paper summarises the key challenges the government faces when employing data analysis and data sharing to...

No, it’s not OK for the government to use your prescription details to recruit you for a study

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is under scrutiny this week after the Nine papers revealed the department sent letters to 50,000 patients who were previously prescribed lithium. DHS was seeking to recruit the recipients into a non-government study on bipolar disorder.

Government use of artificial intelligence in New Zealand

This report was prepared as part of the New Zealand Law Foundation-funded project: Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand. The overall focus of the report is on the regulatory issues surrounding uses of AI in New Zealand.

Paper tsunami: how the move to digital medical records is leaving us drowning in old paper files

What to do with our old paper medical files now that records are going digital? As a recent Brisbane case demonstrates, not all files are heading straight for destruction.

Google, University of Chicago face class action lawsuit following health data sharing partnership

Google and the University of Chicago Medical Center are being sued for violating patients' privacy following a data-sharing partnership that the two parties inked two years ago.

Security of patients' hospital data

Victorian health services are increasingly using information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver healthcare, and to capture and store patient information. This audit assessed whether Victorian public health services' ICT security practices effectively protect patient data.

Notifiable Data Breaches scheme: 12‑month insights report

Entities regulated by the Privacy Act should review this report and use the learnings to enhance their prevention and response strategies for the benefit of all Australians. One of the key messages taken from this inaugural review of the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme is...

Internet Society global Internet report 2016: the economics of building trust online - preventing data breaches

The 2016 Global Internet Report takes a close look at data breaches through an economic lens and provides five clear recommendations for a path forward.