Alternate Term Label:
Gay community
GLBTQ people
Non-heterosexual people

Foundations for equality: exploring how the construction sector can promote inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community

The construction industry has made progress towards a more inclusive and equal industry but it is clear that homophobia/transphobia is still an issue within the sector. In a survey conducted by Construction News in 2017, 54% of LGBTQ+ respondents said that they didn’t feel comfortable...

Home is where our story begins

This report explores the experiences of LGBTQ people in CALD communities in Greater Western Sydney following the same-sex marriage vote in 2017.

Developing LGBTQ programs for perpetrators and victims/survivors of domestic and family violence

This research explores how we might begin to improve the recognition and understanding of LGBTQ intimate partner violence (IPV) among both mainstream and domestic and family violence service providers, and within LGBTQ communities.

LGBTIQ+ communities and COVID-19

Equality Australia assembled a roundtable of LGBTIQ+ and allied organisations to open the conversation about the specific issues facing LGBTIQ+ people in Australia due to COVID-19 and its impacts. This report outlines the findings.

Wellbeing in the Ōtautahi LGBTQIA+ community

This research collects the views of the rainbow community of Christchurch, with the intent to better understand the strengths of the community, increase visibility and education and therefore reduce discrimination and enhance self-esteem.

Children’s rights report 2019

This report tells the story of how well children’s rights are protected and promoted across Australia. It covers all the basic rights that children need to do well, like having a home and a family, getting a good education, being able to access quality health...

Rainbow family formation and dissolution in Australia

This review found a diverse and exciting field of scholarship, that while not as extensive as its heterosexual counterpart, provides some clear insight into the contemporary experiences of rainbow family formation in Australia.

Reporting on persons with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics: advisory guideline

This advisory guideline, for reporting on people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics, is intended to help publishers and journalists.

The Aboriginal gender study: final report

The Aboriginal Gender Study aimed to explore, from a strengths-based perspective, the diversity of contemporary perspectives of gender, gender roles and gender equity in South Australian Aboriginal communities.

Here for health: ACON strategic plan 2019-2022

This strategy document outlines a path forward and shapes ACON's response to the changing health needs of people from sexuality and gender diverse communities.