Wills and estates

Inheritance and succession

Securing their future: planning for the future when you care for a person with disability

This guide is written for parents, relatives or significant others in the lives of Victorian adults who do not have capacity to make some decisions, or who may need support to make some decisions. It has been created to help carers ensure the person they...
Discussion paper

Review of Succession Law: rights to a person’s property on death

This document identifies issues with the current New Zealand succession law and presents detailed proposals for reform.

Should Tasmania introduce notional estate laws?

The report recommends that Tasmania’s existing laws enabling family members to dispute an inheritance should not be changed to cover non-estate assets without national consistency. It recommends that ‘notional estate’ laws, which extend claims to a broader range of assets, including assets a person gifted...
Discussion paper

Should Tasmania introduce ‘notional estate’ laws?

Ensuring family members are ‘properly provided for’ following the death of a loved one is the focus of a review of estate laws by the Tasmania Law Reform Institute, which will look at whether ‘notional estate laws’ should be introduced in Tasmania. The review is...
Working paper

Exploring the line of descent in the intergenerational transmission of domestic property

Brisbane data showed that domestic property went roughly equally to the next generations of men and women, suggesting the presence of a bilateral system of descent.

Did the death of Australian inheritance taxes affect deaths?

In 1979, Australia abolished federal inheritance taxes. Using daily deaths data, Joshua S. Gans and Andrew Leigh show that approximately 50 deaths were shifted from the week before the abolition to the week after (amounting to over half of those who would have been eligible...