DNA sampling



Connecting to Country: an Australian Indigenous metagenomics strategy, environmental scan and research gap report

The purpose of this report is to assist the Indigenous Australian Genomics Committee of the Department of Health in identifying current research, clinical services and consumer engagement activities in the genomics field that are of relevance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The use of DNA in criminal investigations

This review surveyed the expansion of the collection and use of DNA in criminal investigations in New Zealand. It was concluded that new DNA legislation is needed. The Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Act 1995 (CIBS Act) is no longer fit for purpose, constitutionally sound or...
Policy report

Genomic surveillance: inside China’s DNA dragnet

The Chinese Government is building the world’s largest police-run DNA database in close cooperation with key industry partners across the globe. Yet, unlike the managers of other forensic databases, Chinese authorities are deliberately enrolling tens of millions of people who have no history of serious...
Briefing paper

Justice Legislation Amendment (Police and Other Matters) Bill 2019: Bill Brief

This Bill Brief looks primarily at law reforms concerning a new class of procedure known as a ‘DNA profile sample’, which seeks to grant police the ability to authorise the taking of DNA samples from persons suspected of committing indictable offences.

Population based screening framework

This Population Based Screening Framework, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) principles of screening, has been developed for Australia. The aim of the framework is to provide guidance for decision makers when considering potential population-based screening program in Australia.