Ecosystem services

Ecological services
Environmental services
Journal article

Assessing the amenity value of forest ecosystem services: perspectives from the use of sustainable green spaces

Due to the fragility of forest ecosystems, developing forest recreational resources must consider sustainable ecological, economic, and social development, and reduce impacts from recreational activities. Diverse forests with different biodiversity could promote forest ecosystem services and resistance to the pressure of tourism development. Under such...

The IPBES assessment report on land degradation and restoration

This Report provides an assessment of the issues facing decision makers, including the importance, status, trends and threats to biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people, as well as policy and management response options.

Integrating green and gray: creating next generation infrastructure

In this report, the World Bank and World Resources Institute show how the next generation of infrastructure projects can tap natural systems and, where appropriate, integrate green and gray infrastructure.
Conference paper

Creating a liveable city - the role of ecosystem services

Focusing on Sydney as an example, this papers seeks to show how improved liveability outcomes can be achieved by protecting, improving or re-introducing these eco-system services in the local urban context.