Government integrity


Strengthening employment screening practices in the NSW public sector

This report recommends that the New South Wales public sector adopt stronger employment screening practices to help combat employment application fraud, which if left undetected, can ultimately allow other corrupt conduct to occur.

Conditional income transfers and choice in social services: just more conditions and more markets?

Chapter 11 of the book, Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy, edited by Gabrielle Meagher and Susan Goodwin, and published by Sydney University Press.
Working paper

Vested interests

This note suggests a framework for distinguishing appropriate, natural, human pursuit of interests from a pursuit of interests which is injurious to the general public interest and some ways in which such injurious pursuit of interests can be countered.

Review of Victoria's integrity and anti-corruption system

This review found that there is a comparatively high level of concern within the Victorian community regarding the effectiveness of current efforts in addressing corruption, despite international rankings that rate Australian jurisdictions as being amongst the least vulnerable to corruption in the world.