First Peoples treaties

Treaties with indigenous peoples
Indigenous treaties
Discussion paper

Sovereignty in the Victorian context

This paper is the second in a series of discussion papers presented by the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations.

Treaty engagement: final report 2019

This treaty engagement report was informed by meetings with Victorian Traditional Owners, and the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations' research and policy development.
Discussion paper

Understanding the landscape: the foundations and scope of a Victorian treaty

This discussion paper explores how Aboriginal Victorians might achieve recognition of their sovereignty, control over their own affairs, and enshrine their rights to self-determination and culture.
Discussion paper

VACCA discussion paper on treaty, self-determination and the Aboriginal community-controlled services sector

The purpose of this paper is to explore the possible implications of Treaty for Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs), highlight international examples of how treaty holders and Aboriginal agencies have established agreements for service delivery, advocacy and support, and provide some options on how similar...
Fact sheet

Treaty in Australia

Antar's resource ‘Treaty in Australia’ examines what Treaty is, the history of Treaties with First Nations here and elsewhere, and where we are now.

Advancing the Victorian Treaty process

Victoria seeks to lead the nation by making self-determination the cornerstone of policy in Aboriginal affairs. The Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is required to prepare an annual report on the work of the State in advancing the treaty process. This is the first report...

Timeline of trauma and healing in Australia

This timeline looks at some of the events, trauma and healing that’s taken place in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over the last two and a half centuries. The dates in this timeline are a selection representing the breadth of events that have occurred...
Working paper

Transparency in resource agreements with Indigenous people in Australia

This working paper examines resource payments provided to Indigenous entities or individuals, under a variety of types of agreements made by Indigenous peoples with resource companies, and/or governments. These resource payments are made as part of obtaining a social licence to carry out resource activity...

Constitutional reform

This submission suggests ways that constitutional reform and other complementary measures may be progressed to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, establish a First Nation’s Voice to Parliament, and facilitate truth telling and agreement making.

National Press Club Address - 'Walking in partnership to effect change'

During NAIDOC Week 2019, Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australians, delivered his first major speech at National Press Club.