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Global trends in renewable energy investment 2019

This report has tracked trends and opportunities in the sector since 2004 and shows that global investment in renewable energy capacity hit US$272.9 billion in 2018, far outstripping investments in new fossil fuel generation.

The ‘make do and mend’ health service: solving the NHS’ capital crisis

The NHS has had historically low levels of capital investment. Compared to similarly advanced economies, this country’s capital investment has been very low. On average, a person living in the UK has missed out on almost £2,000 since 1975 – the equivalent of over £100...
Policy report

Investing in climate solutions for New Zealand

In October 2018, IGCC convened a workshop in Auckland to look at how to invest in climate solutions in New Zealand. This report captures the current climate finance landscape in New Zealand, some of the key insights to emerge from the workshop discussion and recommendations...

Accelerating change: capital growth in climate solutions

The headline insights presented in this report provide a snapshot of current investor sentiment, highlighting some of the factors driving investor thinking and behaviour as they seek to respond to climate change risks and pursue emerging low carbon investment opportunities.
Working paper

China's overseas lending

This paper documents the surge in China’s capital exports to the rest of the world during the past decades. While China’s dominant footprint in world trade is well known, its expanding role in global finance is poorly documented and understood. This paper helps fill this...

Responsible investment benchmark report: 2019 Australia

This report details industry data on the size, growth, depth and performance of the Australian responsible investment (RI) market over the 12 months to 31 December 2018 and compares these results with the broader Australian financial market.
Case study

Linking participation and economic advancement: Buen Vivir Fund case study

The Buen Vivir Fund is based on the concept of buen vivir, or ‘right living’, which originates from Indigenous peoples in Latin America; the term denotes a way of living that is in balance with the natural world, community, and generations past, present, and future.

Building resilience: a green growth framework for mobilizing mining investment

This report proposes a framework to help mining companies and governments integrate climate change and local economic opportunity activities. The report also offers examples of projects and policies that support green growth: particularly climate-related activities that create scalable economic value and invest in long-lasting green...

Social housing as infrastructure: rationale, prioritisation and investment pathway

This research modelled ways to best finance and fund social housing, revealing that a capital investment strategy, supplemented by efficient financing, is substantially more cost-effective than a commercially-financed model reliant on an operating subsidy.

Incorporating climate change impacts and adaptation into capital investment decision-making

Capital investment in transport, roads, health, water and electricity, amongst other sectors, is significant both in dollar terms and in its potential to interact with climate change adaptation strategies. The general lack of formalised approaches to assessing the social, environmental and economic impacts of capital...