Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI)


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Research and education in public sector practice: a systems approach to understanding policy impact

This article outlines how a systems thinking approach can aid understanding of research and education impact on government practice.
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Are research-policy engagement activities informed by policy theory and evidence? 7 challenges to the UK impact agenda

This article seek to answer the question - in what should we invest if we seek to maximise the impact of research?
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Building inherently impactful research programs: the role of organizational context

Much impact research focuses on how individual scholars can influence policy outcomes, leading to recommendations about how individual researchers can be more entrepreneurial and engage with policy cycles in innovative ways. This article presents a case study on the experiences of the Department of Pacific...
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Enhancing impact: a model for policy development research

The Policy Development Research Model (PDRM) integrates the traditionally separate processes of evidence-building and policy development into one set of practices. This article describes how the PDRM enhances policy impact by improving two-way knowledge transfer between academic researchers and policy-makers and practitioners.
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Understanding, measuring, and encouraging public policy research impact

This article provides a conceptual framework for understanding, measuring, and encouraging research impact for academics. Although not alone in seeking to impact public policy with their research, academics are under-utilised creators of knowledge.
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The societal impact puzzle: a snapshot of a changing landscape across education and research

This paper explores ‘impact’ in the areas of education and research into government practice.
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Research for impact: three keys for research implementation

The article introduces two research co-design tools aimed at improving the likelihood of achieving research impact, while also improving understanding of those impacts.
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Assessing impact assessment – what can be learnt from Australia’s engagement and impact assessment?

Ksenia Sawczak considers the effectiveness of this latest exercise in impact assessment, finding it to provide an inadequate account of the impact of Australian research and ultimately a shaky evidence base for the development of future policy.
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Engagement and impact assessment 2018-19: national report

The Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018–19 national report presents an assessment of how institutions are translating their research into economic, environmental, social and other benefits. This report provides information on research engagement, impact and approach to impact for disciplines at each eligible Australian higher education...
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Engagement and impact assessment consultation paper

Feedback is invited from all stakeholders including the higher education research sector, industry and other end-users or beneficiaries of university research about a framework for developing the national assessment of the engagement and impact of university research.
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Governance performance in multi-scalar large institutional networks: Evaluating transport institutions in Australia's metropolises

This paper presents an Institutional Multi-factor Performance Assessment Criteria (IMPACT) Model, which will be used to test the performance of metropolitan governance institutions that are composed of Multi-Scalar Large Institutional Networks (MSLIN).

Assessing research impact: an international review of the Excellence in Innovation for Australia trial

The Australian Technology Network of Universities asked RAND Europe to review the Excellence in Innovation for Australia (EIA) Impact Assessment Trial ('the EIA Trial'), in order to assess how well universities identified and demonstrated impact, as well as how the process could be further improved...