Waste minimization

Briefing paper

Towards sustainable packaging materials

This briefing from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership provides recommendations for businesses and government to help address the issue of eliminating plastic waste. The publication examines how companies from natural water and soft drinks sector can adopt a considered approach in their future packaging...
Journal article

A model for evaluating causes of wastes and lean implementation in construction projects

This paper proposed a two-level model based on fuzzy logic technique for evaluating Causes of Wastes (CWs) and lean implementation in construction projects. Results demonstrated that the expected lean effect is found with a positive correlation with various levels of wastes and can be improved...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do Australians waste $8 billion worth of edible food each year?

FoodWise, a national campaign run by not-for-profit group DoSomething, says Australians throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year.

Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure – April 2020

Victorians are passionate about recycling but some have lost confidence in the system, with around a quarter of people we polled thinking the contents of their recycling bins ends up in landfill. This report identifies Victoria’s specific infrastructure needs in the waste management sector.
Discussion paper

Cleaning up our act: redirecting the future of plastic in NSW - discussion paper

This discussion paper lays the ground work for making NSW a national and global leader in the management of plastics. It sets targets to reduce the amount of plastic generated, increase recycling rates, reduce plastic pollution and make NSW a global leader in plastic research...
Discussion paper

Cleaning up our act: the future for waste and resource recovery in NSW - issues paper

The NSW government is developing the 20-year waste strategy, which will set the future direction of the state’s waste and resource recovery system. This issues paper identifies the challenges the waste system faces and proposes a vision for the future NSW circular economy.
Conference paper

When a business case is not enough: motivation to work with lean

Implementing lean construction from the lean construction community’s perspective is seen as a significant change from traditional project management and perhaps even a paradigm shift.
Discussion paper

Review of the waste levy – consultation paper

This paper seeks community input on improving the waste levy. The issues discussed in this paper will be of primary interest to generators and managers of waste, investors and others involved in developing improved approaches to managing waste in Western Australia.
Discussion paper

Closing the loop: waste reforms for a circular economy – consultation paper

This discussion paper seeks feedback on detailed legislative proposals to improve waste management and support a circular economy for Western Australia. Waste reform options outlined in this paper will be of primary interest to waste industry stakeholders, including occupiers of landfill and waste storage premises.

Waste – Australian state of play

This document seeks to establish the Australian state of play in the waste area, including the national scene, state matters and the exploration of similarities and differences between state waste levies.