Lean construction

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Lean awareness in Australian construction: investigating the extent of Lean adoption across Australian construction sectors

The purpose and aim of this paper is to quantitatively explore the presence, extent and awareness of lean construction principles within the Australian construction industry, as a point of reference for further study into adoption and implementation rates.
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Digitizing lean construction with building information modeling

This paper reports on the implementation of a digital Lean Construction Management (LCM) approach to construction projects. The use of QR codes, Kanban cards and daily meetings demonstrates a new platform to add value to the BIM model and to construction site collaboration.
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The last planner system and building information modeling in construction execution

Many researchers have stated that lean and building information modeling (BIM) have positive synergies. This integrative literature review aims at exploring this body of knowledge within the scope of combinations of BIM and the Last Planner System, as an important Lean construction method, in the...
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Reducing Variability of Workforce as a Tool to Improve Plan Reliability

Variability of flow is recognized as one of the greatest obstacles to production management. Since the work flow and labour flow are two dominators of work performance, it is important to manage them simultaneously. The objective of this paper is to examine if an increased...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasure of Lean Construction in China

The lean thinking of manufacturing industry is successfully applied to the construction industry by lean construction, and it can help enterprises to improve the overall economic benefits. In this paper, the implementation subject and development status of lean construction in China are analyzed, and the...

Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of h-bim with regards to historical infrastructures: A case study of the ponte giorgini in castiglione della pescaia (grosseto - Italy)

Historical Building Information Modeling (H-BIM) has been widely documented in literature and is becoming more popular with government bodies, who are increasingly choosing to make its use mandatory in public procurements and contracts. Although the system seems to be one of the best approaches for...
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Design-build and design-bid-build in construction - A comparative review

This paper aims at synthesizing relevant findings about the Design-Build (DB) construction delivery system from previous studies. It focuses especially on cost, schedule, quality, and various sustainability aspects associated with a construction project, as they are widely used as performance indicators in this industry. This...
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Impact of supplier evaluation on product quality

Supplier evaluation and engagement are regular topics in the Lean literature at large. It is well known that Toyota extensively works with suppliers to develop their work and capabilities, and provides challenges and feedback to suppliers so that they can achieve the quality requirements defined...
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Removing waste while preserving slack: The lean and complexity perspectives

In complex socio-technical systems such as construction projects, the lean emphasis on waste reduction can contribute to the depletion of necessary slack for managing unexpected variability. This risk is amplified by the absence of a solid lean theory on slack and on how to manage...
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Last planner implementation in building projects

Lean Construction method is considered the core principle behind the Identification and Elimination of various wastes in construction. While there are many Conventional Lean Tools like work standardization, doing it right first time, Audits, Just in Time etc., Lean construction identifies and deals with seven...