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Lean construction

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Last planner implementation in building projects

Lean Construction method is considered the core principle behind the Identification and Elimination of various wastes in construction. While there are many Conventional Lean Tools like work standardization, doing it right first time, Audits, Just in Time etc., Lean construction identifies and deals with seven...
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A conceptual model for a safety-based theory of lean construction

The construction industry is one of the most fatal industries, so it is important to pay more attention to safety solutions. Even though work-related accidents are known as a major waste in construction projects, little attention has been paid so far to incorporating safety into...
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Practitioners' perception of value in construction

Value delivery is basically the main purpose of construction, and in fact it is not the physical construction in itself that a client buys but the attributes or value the building provides. This value delivery is undertaken in a complex endeavour of collaboration.
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Differences in the actual level of defects and the final acceptance protocols of new flats and apartments

Every year in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, thousands of flats and apartments are ready to move into. The authors analyzed detected defects that most frequently were not entered in the protocols, along with a brief summary of possible causes of the prevalence of such...
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An improved approach to the subcontracting procurement process in a lean construction setting

Based on case studies of construction projects, we propose a 'lean' subcontracting procurement process (LSPP) drawing from lean construction theory.
Conference paper

MDM-based buffer estimation in construction projects

Schedule delay and cost overrun are the two major challenges for the successful project delivery in construction. It has been reported that significant delays in construction projects are caused by rework and there are several reasons for rework. A framework has been proposed to assess...
Conference paper

The review of rework causes and costs in housing construction supply chain

Rework in construction projects can cause significant waste of cost and time. Within lean construction practice, rework minimisation is of most interest among project managers. However, less attention has been paid to investigating rework reduction or avoidance in the housing supply chain. Given the increasing...
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Hierarchy of value perceived by groups of users about their neighbourhood

The value perceived by the client is a concept that has attracted growing interest among Lean Construction researchers. The aim of this paper is to identify and compare the perception of value of two user groups of a neighbourhood.
Blog post

6 Principles of Lean Construction

A growing number of construction firms are embracing the Lean methodology that emphasizes maximizing value for the customer while minimizing waste. There are a number of tools that can be used in combination to achieve lean, giving practitioners a wide range of options that can...
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Lean Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

One sector that is starting to embrace the Lean approach with increasing enthusiasm is construction. We thought it might be useful to share some of the questions we get asked most often about Lean construction.