Four day week

Four-day week
Four day work week
Four day working week
Shorter work week
Shorter working week

Discussion paper

Four better or four worse?

This paper highlights some of the benefits and limitations of the four-day working week as perceived by employees and business leaders.
Discussion paper

The shorter working week: a radical and pragmatic proposal

This report aims to demonstrate that the time we spend in work is neither natural nor inevitable. One of the central aims of this report is to establish time itself as a site of political contestation – in the same vein as housing, healthcare, income...

It’s time to switch to a four-day working week, say these two Davos experts

Working less would have a range of benefits for workers and employers and the world should embrace the four-day working week, was the message two experts brought to Davos 2019.

Achieving a shorter working week in the UK

This briefing summarises the case for shortening people’s working hours without a loss in pay and puts forward an initial policy framework for getting there. It also marks the beginning of a new stream of work supporting those in trade unions, industry and government seeking...
Discussion paper

Can less work be more fair?

This paper is a collection of contributions from leading academics and social justice campaigners providing different perspectives on the ideas of shorter working hours and Universal Basic Income.