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Working paper

Financing sustainable hydropower projects in emerging markets: an introduction to concepts and terminology

The purpose of this Working Paper is to introduce the key terms and concepts that are relevant to finance for sustainable large hydropower projects in Non-OECD countries/ emerging markets.

Gender equality: women’s rights in review 25 years after Beijing

This report’s review of the Beijing Platform for Action draws on the most comprehensive and participatory stock-taking exercise ever undertaken on women’s rights, to which 170 countries contributed. It highlights gaps and opportunities and proposes effective solutions.

The Sustainable Development Goals - ‘Every Australian’s business’: a guide for employees

This guide brings together insights and experience from many individuals working in Australian companies that are leading in their commitments and actions to drive responsible and sustainable action and accountability within their workplaces.

The Sustainable Development Goals - ‘Every Australian’s business’: a guide for senior leaders

This guide provides practical knowledge and tools for Australian businesses and the individuals who work with them to embrace a principles-based approach to tackle existing and future global challenges and contribute proactively to societal goals.

The strategic plan 2020-2023

The Strategic Plan for 2020–2023 repositions UN-Habitat as a major global entity, a centre of excellence and innovation. In that respect, the organization is refocusing its niche position as the “thought leader” and the go-to programme for issues pertaining to its work.
Journal article

Area requirements to safeguard Earth's marine species

Despite global policy commitments to preserve Earth's marine biodiversity, many species are in a state of decline. This analysis shows 26%–41% of the ocean needs to be effectively managed and conserved through a combination of site-based actions and broad policy responses to achieve global conservation...

Mineral resource governance in the 21st century

This report maps existing international governance frameworks and initiatives which have overlapping subsets that focus on delivering the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. It presents the practical actions required to improve the international governance architecture for mining to enhance its contribution towards sustainable development.
Journal article

Closing the Gap and the Sustainable Development Goals: listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This article asserts that for Australia to overcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage and reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a major transformation of current policies and practices will be required.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper on the draft stretch targets for Australian libraries 2020-2030

In September 2019, library leaders and other guests gathered at ALIA House in Canberra to debate stretch targets for the sector as part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This discussion paper outlines a draft set of stretch targets as the foundation for...
Policy report

Diverse pathways to justice for all: supporting everyday justice providers to achieve SDG 16.3

This policy paper aims to refocus SDG 16.3 debates towards recognition of more diverse pathways to justice that reflect the ways in which people in a variety of contexts pursue redress and resolution of disputes.